Center of Light Miracles is your place of personal transformation from the inside out!

Imagine unsettling emotions taking their exit to make room for joy and peace instead. Imagine challenges with worry and self-doubt being kicked out of your mind and replaced with positive beliefs of self-empowerment. Imagine your desires and goals being met because you mastered the art of living with ease. Imagine living a whole life of increasing health and well-being. This is what Center of Light Miracles can help you accomplish if you choose to take advantage of our services and follow the programs.

At Center of Light Miracles when one stands in the center of light, miracles happen easily and effortlessly.

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How We Can Help

The Essenes are an ancient spiritual group who learned and mastered the mysteries of healing; clairvoyance; natural sciences and metaphysics. Today, the tradition of miracle creation through practical application continues…!

  • the Beginning Essene Way Program
  • the Intermediate Essene Way Program
  • 7-Step Miracle System – Advanced Essene Way Program
  • Minister’s Program
  • Mentoring / Teacher’s Program

They are all offered for you to experience your inner healing power by resolving present issues, clearing away past traumas and manifesting your heart’s desires. We are simply the guide to enhance your inner journey experience toward promoting life in every way.

What Our Clients Say

“Rev. Lynne’s spot-on readings and in-depth EMC Mentoring has brought me to a totally new and higher level of my career, relationships, and most of all happiness. How? She invites me into the truth and clarity of the present moment and in divine love and grace encourages me to en-joy sitting in the center of MY Universe. I have unlocked my full potential, cleared much negative thinking, and coped with huge decisions in life all under her guidance. She is a gift.”
Larry Powell, Actor, New York City

Featured Services

We understand your life altering path is a personal journey… therefore, we also offer:

  • Psychic / Clairvoyant / Medium Readings
  • Energy Healings
  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Guided Essene Meditation Teleconference
  • Ask-Lynne weekly teleconference
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