Center of Light Miracles is your place for personal transformation from the inside out!

Imagine unsettling emotions taking their exit to make room for joy and peace instead. Imagine challenges with worry and self-doubt being kicked out of your mind and replaced with positive beliefs of self-empowerment. Imagine your desires and goals being met because you mastered the art of living with ease. Imagine living a whole life of increasing health and well-being. This is what Center of Light Miracles can help you accomplish when you choose to take advantage of our services and follow the programs.



Center of Light Miracles Founder, Lynne Herod-DeVerges, is known as the “Miracle Maker.” She has worked with celebrities, entrepreneurs and other everyday people from all over the world. Book an EMC Mentoring Session, Clairvoyant Reading, or a Group Session with her now. She will open your mind to all possibilities!

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Essene Spiritual Development Programs

This Essene Spiritual Development Program is a comprehensive way to connect with your passion, begin living your purpose and accomplish the goals that have long seemed out of reach. Through the program you will systematically shift from the inside out emerging into your highest best possible you.

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You can enjoy these resources in the comfort of your own home. We have you covered with this complete mp3 holistic meditation series. With 5 distinct topics, each from 3 vantage points, they are designed to help you navigate from where you are now to the depths of your personal power through transformation.

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Our Origin – The Essenes

The Essenes are an ancient spiritual group who learned and mastered the mysteries of one’s connection between real self and the visible and invisible worlds around them. Through healing touch; clairvoyance; natural and biological sciences, as well as metaphysics they understood how to create miracles to live from their passion, excel in their purpose and experience their best life from higher self. Today, the tradition of miracle creation through practical application continues…

Through Center of Light Miracles’ various courses and services you too can experience an enhanced way of living just as the ancient Essenes did, but in a current and present way.

Take advantage of the gifts we have for you.  Get to know us by reading the Blog, Miraculous News and Recipes for the Soul. Participate in the Morning Miracle Meditation and experience some of the magic from the Essenes, then and now.

Read What Our Student Has to Say…

I met Lynne several years ago. I began taking different workshops with her; the very first one being about money and abundance. It lead me to total self-sufficiency and empowerment, along with increased spiritual health. That moved me to doing a 3 year commitment of studies, bringing me to where I am today.

I am an amazingly powerful person who is financially successful, rich in love with my perfect mate and I’m in great health. The grandest accomplishment of my life is that I was guided to my highest best self. Thank you Lynne!

In love and appreciation…
Tracy Ray, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

Recipes for the Soul

A special blend of holistic tips, hints, guidelines
and suggestions for self-care, personal
development and spiritual enhancement.

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