Meet Lynne Herod-DeVerges

Lynne Herod-DeVerges is an inspirational clairvoyant/medium reader, energy healer, teacher, spiritual mentor and miracle worker with over thirty years of experience in the spiritual and metaphysical arena. She has been a sensitive intuitive all of her life; living in this world but always tuned into other world dimensions.

At the age of fourteen she committed to the path of becoming a powerful healer and intuitive who would assist others in being whole, by overcoming personal challenges on multiple levels.  She committed to being a spiritual guide and peace maker.  She committed to allowing Divine Source to work through her, unceasingly, for the highest good of the planet.  And, she committed to a life of serving others. For a few years Lynne was resistant, engaging in many life challenging experiences that not only taught her but helped her to become the effective guide she is.  Eventually she let go of resistance, opened her heart and mind to the full essence of Divine Source, allowing herself to be taken on a journey that’s lead her to where she is now.

Part of the journey included extensive spiritual, metaphysical and self-empowerment training culminating in 1985 toward Lynne becoming an ordained Essene minister.  As a minister, she has dedicated her life to the healing and spiritual empowerment of everyone she meets.  She founded Church of the Essenes doing business as Center of Light Miracles (CLM) in Los Angeles, California.  At CLM, all people are welcome to explore how to bring forth the light from within, which connects with the divine presence of Universal consciousness and the acknowledgement of miraculous living.  In this way, everyone learns how to become a conscious miracle worker.

It’s through Center of Light Miracles that Lynne brings a blend of spirituality with practicality to businesses and individuals alike. Lynne has done clairvoyant readings, spiritual mentoring and miracle classes for award winning music, television and movie celebrities as well as so many other magnificent people in all factions of life.

Lynne, known as the “Miracle Maker,” created the on-line program Miracle System which is about consciously creating miracles by connecting with the Real You inside.  It’s about accomplishing your goals and having your desires met in this physical world. The Miracle System exists to help heighten your awareness of miracles through the experience of living them each and every day.

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