7 Exercises to Increase Brain Activity and Function

Week of December 10, 2017…

Mental Care 7 Exercises to Increase Brain Activity and Function

From losing your keys to forgetting appointments, at one point or another we all wonder if our brain is slipping. Instead of growing old gracefully, there are plenty of activities you can do to increase your brain activity and function.

Our minds consist of five main cognitive functions: memory, attention, language, visual-spatial skills, and executive function. Keeping these areas mentally sharp is one key to increasing brain activity and […]

9 Simply ways to Build Intimacy

Week of November 26, 2017…

Emotional Care –  9 Simply Ways to Build Intimacy

Intimacy is something that very few people are able to fully open up to. Welcoming intimacy into the heart can feel too vulnerable, unsafe, unprotected.  Of course, intimacy begins with the individual but often it’s sought after through experiencing it with others. The primal motivation is connecting with the nurturing security of being in the womb, listening to mom’s heartbeat and feeling the emotions of unconditional […]

Moving Through…When It’s Hard To Do

Week of November 19, 2017…

Spiritual Care – Moving Through…When It’s Hard to Do

We are all faced with circumstances that aren’t always easy to get through.  When that happens, each of us has our own unique way in which we cope with the stress. Depending on what the circumstance is; whether traumatic, overwhelming or what we are resistant to the coping mechanism can change, as well.

For some, it might be turning to addictions such as food, alcohol, sex, video games, etc. For others, […]

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy

Week of October 22, 2017…

Spiritual CareProtecting Yourself From Negative Energy

As a human being, you are a spirit being, in a physical body, with a hue or aura around you.  Everything from the center core of your body to the edge of your aura (an electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds the physical body) is considered your own personal space. Within your space exists ideas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, sensations, vibrations, sight, sound, taste, and touch and all forms […]

Taming the Tongue – Speak Your Positive Experiences

Week of October 15, 2017…

Mental & Emotional CareTaming the Tongue – Speak Your Positive Experiences

Taming the tongue is just another way of saying, watch what you say.  Every word you speak has a vibrational sound or resonance which is part of the manifestation process.  In essence, when you are focused on manifesting anything from the ethereal there are basic rules that fall into place like dominos. When striking one domino the others fall in […]

Taking Care of Your Heart

Week of October 1, 2017…

Physical CareTaking Care of Your Heart

This week is dedicated to ensuring you know how to take care of your heart; particularly if you are a female.  If, God forbid, you have a heart attack while alone it is important to know exactly what to do.  Knowing how to conduct this singular act could save your life, and it applies to both men and women. 

Signs of Female Heart Disease/Attack

The list below will help you understand […]