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Morning Miracle Meditation

Meditation-MP3Whether you are a beginner or an advanced meditator, the Morning Miracle Meditation is exactly what you are looking for. These meditations are based on the knowledge of the Essenes, an ancient and highly spiritual community who lived near the Dead Sea. Their focus was to enhance higher levels of living, by striving to be in-tuned with the Divine Creator and more connected to their own spirit-self. Each week this 30 minute meditation focuses on specific issues, concepts and levels of awareness that will help you continue to open your mind and expand your heart.

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The Essene Spiritual Development Program

This Spiritual Development Program is geared toward the individual who is ready to sincerely delve into personal development and enhancement.  It offers an array of motivating and inspirational material.  The Program includes information and spiritually conscious books to expand one’s knowledge.  There are tools and techniques aligning body, mind and spirit for effortless flow through life experiences.  And classes, workshops, seminars are provided to help master one’s true, real self.  Overall, this Program enhances your awareness, shifts your perspective, opens your heart and elevates your mind; allowing you to live more easily.  The Essene Spiritual Development Program is your passport to a life of freedom, unconditional love and miracles!

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The Healer’s Way is a phenomenal workshop that provides proven energetic healing techniques for both the healer and the person being healed. To give a healing simply means to shift the energy flow of any dis-ease, negative emotion or mental condition which currently exists, into a different  pattern that promotes balance and harmony. You will learn how to clear energy blocks that cause physical, emotional and mental unrest; allowing healthy wellness to easily and effortlessly take effect.

As part of the healing repertoire, Re-Birthing offers a more specialized way of individually healing yourself from the core of your soul to the breadth of your mind and more.  Through the breath energy, with every inhale and exhale – present, past, womb and even past life experiences are cleared completely; moving you into a higher realization of who you truly are. After this workshop you will experience freedom and a type of heart-felt expansion that is incredible and non-reversible.

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Manifestation-CoursesGet ready to learn about one of our most powerful courses! The Avatar Power Intensive will guide you through a process that will transform you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to live your passion, by releasing your Avatar Power gifts. You’ll move beyond limiting beliefs, restraining emotional fear and stifled spiritual expression to emerge into your full awareness of being a divine individual. Connect with your true power; the power within you to unleash your phenomenal, unique, exceptional talents.

The Avatar Power Intensive is not the only magnificent manifestation workshop Center of Light Miracles offers. The Female Empowerment Workshop is equally as dynamic. Designed for the strong, bold, beautiful woman you are, this workshop helps you connect with your feminine energy to cleanse your female reproductive system, enhance positive creativity and open more fully to your innate intuitive abilities. The Female Empowerment Workshop is a one-way ticket toward the rise of your feminine power; allowing you to manifest your heart’s desires.

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Online Courses

This on-line course is The Miracle System.  As you take advantage of this building block modular system, month after month, know you are on a path to completely shift the way you set goals, the way you perceive them and the way you accomplish them.  The Miracle System gives you the opportunity to become consciously aware of how to create miracles; making you a miracle worker.  You will begin and perfect the art of manifesting your desires, one goal at a time.  And when goals are accomplished, joy is welcomed into your life where happiness is experienced.

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Read what one student has to share…

Michele ShayI have known Lynne for almost eighteen years. I have taken several classes with her as well as received counseling often on career, personal and health issues that have affected me and my family. Working with Lynne expanded my understanding of meditation. She introduced me to the concept of “grounding”, a technique I use with all of my students and coaching clients as an important part of daily discipline. I studied the Essene Healing with Rev Lynne for several months and employ what she has taught me with profound effects. Her insights, wisdom and skill as a teacher, healer and spiritual advisor have been an invaluable asset to my life. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone interested in broadening the horizon of their experience of themselves through a very practical and awe inspiring system.

Michele Shay, Actress, Director, NYU Adjunct Professor, New York, NY