Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

All dis-eases and illnesses begin with an emotional disturbance, mental belief, or an emotional upset of some kind. They are each forms of energy that create blocks and challenges for any person to stay healthy. When engaged in the Healing Workshops through Center of Light Miracles, you will experience having razor sharp focus bringing about presence of mind, a new surge of energy, and an elevation of spirit that work together for improved and optimal health. Learn how these workshops offer miraculous alternatives to reducing and eliminating poor health and pain.

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Amanda Orosz, Marketing Specialist, Sherman Oaks, CA

The Healer’s Way

The Healers Way is a phenomenal Essene Healing Intensive workshop that provides proven energy healing techniques for both the healer and the person being healed. In this workshop the concept of, “To give a healing is to get a healing” is emphasized. To give a healing simply means to shift the energy flow of any dis-ease, unbalanced emotion or mental condition which currently exists, into a different vibrational frequency pattern that promotes balance and harmony. In this workshop you’re shown how to clear energy blocks that cause physical, emotional and mental unrest; allowing a healing to easily and effortlessly take effect. The variety of healing methods and concepts include:

  • The 4 bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional)
  • The Meridian System
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • The removal of energy cords
  • Alleviating physical pain
  • Shifting the DNA within each body
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Working within the Morphic Field

Each technique taught is done so in an experiential manner where you will give healings as well as receive them.

This live workshop is experienced over 5 days where every participant receives a tremendous healing.



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Larry “Bobcat” Jeffries, Soul Train & Broadway Dancer, Playwright, Lake Elsinore, CA


Rebirthing is, historically, a powerful way to quickly move through energies of belief systems, thoughts, fear, feelings, dark experiences and your shadow side from the past, keeping you stuck from moving forward in the present. Whether you’ve experienced trauma, drama, or any other challenges, using specific Breathing Techniques moves these unwanted energies out, allowing the essence of your original breath, at the moment of birth, to become present. Once you flow into your original breath you also flow more easily throughout your life experiences.

During this workshop you will learn to:

  • Control Breathing Patterns for All Forms of Healing
  • Clear Away Present Undesired Energies
  • Discern Energies Being Released
  • Move Into Deeper Levels of Self-Awareness
  • Gain Clarity of Purpose & Define Goals

This 2 day deep breathing workshop revitalizes the soul, offering a very special gift of life.



Hear what our students have to say…

Ciera Payton, Actress, Sherman Oaks, CA