The Power of Manifesting What You Want

To manifest means to create from thought to emotion into the physical world. We all want to manifest our heart’s desires regardless of what they are…excellent health, great wealth, a loving relationship or the freedom to do what we want. By taking the manifestation workshops offered through Center of Light Miracles you have the opportunity to master the art of manifestation; also known as the creation of miracles.

If you are interested in manifesting what you truly want to experience miracles, you won’t want to miss participating in these workshops when they are available.

Read what this student has to share…

“I have always suspected, that as a woman, I had an innate guiding system and inexhaustible wisdom within. However, in a world that puts forth so many conflicting narratives which women are often shamed into following, I found myself constantly at war about whether or not I could trust my body and spirit with the ‘little hunches’ being sent my way. With Lynne’s powerful expertise and finely cultivated intuitive prowess I learned to trust those ‘little hunches,’ and how to use them to unlock an entire world of personal healing and rejuvenation!

The Female Empowerment Workshop created a safe circle for me to sit and commune with other women of all ages and backgrounds, about all the parts of womanhood and existing as a female entity, that felt mysterious, secretive, pleasurable, divine, curious, and intimate. Throughout the Workshop, we broke down myths and challenged false limitations. I learned how to use my energy to heal myself, how to heal other women, how to clear and protect my womb, and how to allow my innate clairvoyance to emerge! It felt exhilarating and grounding.

Not only did Lynne’s wisdom, and the unleashed wisdom of the collective, shed light on female topics that I’ve felt ashamed and nervous to speak about in public, but it helped move me from a place of fear and anxiety to a place of joyful knowing, clarity, and trust in my divine true power as a woman.

The Female Empowerment Workshop has been a corridor that has given my spirit greater pleasure and freedom. This workshop has gifted me the wisdom to understand, access, and embrace the authentic nature of my femininity! These are teachings no one should do without, and I’m so grateful I no longer have to.”

Cloteal L. Horne, Actress, New York, NY

Hear what this student has to say…

Yasmin Tam Nguyen, Multiple Business Owner, Portland, OR