Essene Spiritual Development Program

The Essene Spiritual Development Program is one of the most in-depth programs for self-development, personal attunement and spiritual enlightenment. It is a path of sincere dedication along with a deep commitment you make to yourself, when systematically processing through the challenges holding you back from your best self – your best life.

Offered by Center of Light Miracles; when you are a participant of this Essene Program you learn how to become a fully conscious miracle maker.

This Essene Program will teach you how to experience…

M anaging emotional, mental, spiritual and physical pain!

I ntegrating your mind-set with your 'Soul Essence' intuitive abilities!

R esponding rather than reacting to life experiences!

A ctivating the wisdom of your Higher Self!

C onnecting to Divine Source for perfect guidance!

L earning the language of the Angels to continue creating miracles!

E ngaging in the process of Living Life fully!

S oul rejuvenation to sustain love, peace and joy!



Angela Zeyn, Massage Therapist & Reiki Healer, Los Angeles, CA

In ancient times there was a spiritual community thriving near the Dead Sea known as the Essenes. They were a group who studied all manner of physical and natural sciences. They mastered such spiritual disciplines as Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other spiritual/religious teachings. The Essenes wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the infamous “Lord’s Prayer.” They interacted with dis-incarnate spirits (beings without physical form) such as spirit guides, angels and ancestors on a regular basis.

Some of the most famous Essenes were Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist’s parents and Jesus. Today, the Essenes are just as spiritually conscious in both metaphysics and world religions, in the physical world as well as the spiritual world. The Essene Spiritual Development Program offers many of the same disciplines as the ancient Essenes.

  • Are you ready to experience a shift within you; one that brings ease, peace, flow and joy?
  • Are you ready to live more abundantly, knowing you can have your heart’s desires?
  • Do you already have the lifestyle you want but wonder why you’re not happy?
  • Are you desperately seeking your life’s passion or purpose or both?
  • Do you just want to live from your true, authentic self at all times?
  • Are you ready to experience living life differently?


You will learn the secrets of flowing from experience to experience more easily and effortlessly! You will respond rather than react to life’s challenges! You will rejoice and become fully alive when goals are met triumphantly! You will experience a more abundantly healthy way of being! You will live a more happy and healthy life!

• The Miracle System on-line classes, lectures and workshops.
• Your personal one-on-one EMC Mentoring Process.
• Conducting 2 live intuitive readings per month.
• Group classes discussing Essene secrets and wisdom.
• Conducting special healing and prayer work.
• Studying from various personal development books and spiritual texts.
• 3 weekend healing retreat workshops.

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For the reasonable price of $275.00 per month,
The Essene Spiritual Development Program is a 24 month journey involving...


Hear what a student has to share…

Scott Elliott, Corporate Paralegal, Los Angeles, CA


To ensure you are registered for the entire program, please use the Payment Button below for
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$275.00 Per Month Fee for the Entire Essene Spiritual Development Program.




The Essene Program begins when you are ready to embark on this path. You may join at any time. The way group classes are structured you are never behind or ahead of your fellow students in the class. It is designed to be your personal journey; one that you share with others along the way, who may have begun the process before or after you.

Read what another student has to share…

Being in the Spiritual Development Program has been a game changer for my life! I have learned about energy and how, by shifting energy it shifts everything around me. In deed it has shifted my experiences.

During my first month in the program, I experienced tremendous progress in all areas of my life. I became more conscientious about my time and how I used it. I practically eliminated television and reduced the time I spent with those who desired telephone chatter. I came to value more private time. I’ve grown closer to my partner and family; whereas a friend I was once comfortable with, I realized we had very little in common. In fact, I received comments that I’m actually looking better. I’m definitely feeling better and I’m sure it’s because I have flushed out my real self-worth.

Since completing the Spiritual Development Program, I have less stress and I’m sleeping better. I am a stronger person, a courageous person who no longer allows others to take advantage of my kind nature. I have come to love who I am and I respect myself more! I’ve gained absolute certainty about the things I desire, regardless of what other people think. As a result, I am experiencing exactly what I want out of life. What I think is manifested more quickly and I recognize I am a powerful woman who has improved my quality of living all the way around.

Thanks for everything!
Brenda Hudson, Newspaper Managing Chief, Oakland, CA


Don’t Live in the Los Angeles area where the Group Classes are? No Problem!
You May Attend the Classes Through an On-Line Video Site.
And, the Mentoring Sessions are Conducted Over the Phone.

Below are common questions and answers you might have. However, if you have additional questions, feel free to contact Lynne Herod-DeVerges at

Question: How much time do I have to put into this program?
Answer: There are exercises you will need to do daily. On an average they will take anywhere from one to two hours per day. But, it really depends on what the group is working on and what you are working on specifically.

Question: When can I expect to start seeing changes as a result of my participation?
Answer: It various because everyone is different. There is no average time because each student moves at a different pace with their personal growth. However, once you begin the process and meet with Lynne, she may be able to provide some insight. Nevertheless, the time it takes to reach the destination is not as important as the journey.

Question: Can I schedule the EMC Mentoring portion of the program at a time that’s best for me?
Answer: Yes, you absolutely can. And, if you need to schedule a different day and time than the one established every month, you may do so by contacting Lynne to make other arrangements.

Question: If I can’t make a group class how will I receive the information?
Answer: There is an audio recording made of every class that you will receive. Just make sure to let Lynne know in advance.

Question: What if I am unable to attend one of the retreat workshops?
Answer: The retreats are offered every year so you will be able to attend it at a different time. Sometimes, a retreat is offered more than once within one year, so you should be able to make the retreats when it’s most convenient for you.

Question: What if, for any reason, I have to drop out before the 24 months is over?
Answer: Well, there is no penalty for doing so. Although you are asked to sign a contract of commitment. The contract is really for purposes of committing to yourself along with Center of Light Miracles stating you will complete the journey to acquire the shift you desire. If you do not keep your commitment it will reflect in some way in your life moving forward.

Make the commitment to yourself!
Begin the true journey toward the real you!

Move Into Your Divine Self
Where Living Miracles Can Be Your Way of Life!