Miraculous News Newsletter

Center of Light Miracles’ monthly newsletter brings an array of soul-felt and heart-felt articles to carry you through the days, weeks and month ahead.

Every month you can read…

  • On a Personal Note, referencing a lesson learned from Center of Light Miracles’ founder, Lynne Herod-DeVerges.
  • The experiences of an Ancient Seeker and her process of spiritual growth.
  • A thought provoking Featured Article that gives you tools and steps for expanded self-development.
  • An Affirmation to shift and uplift your mindset throughout the month.

  • An Astrological View of the current sun and moon signs and how they affect you, no matter what sign you are.
  • An Inspirational Quote from a famous person.
  • What the Angels Say to focus on a specific area of development for the month.
  • A Monthly Special, offering huge discounts for you to take advantage of.

And… from time-to-time, there are additional articles written by spiritual masters, psychologists, MDs and theologians to inspire you further.


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