Week of November 19, 2017…

Spiritual Care – Moving Through…When It’s Hard to Do

We are all faced with circumstances that aren’t always easy to get through.  When that happens, each of us has our own unique way in which we cope with the stress. Depending on what the circumstance is; whether traumatic, overwhelming or what we are resistant to the coping mechanism can change, as well.

For some, it might be turning to addictions such as food, alcohol, sex, video games, etc. For others, it may be the habit of going into denial. It may be blaming someone else. It may be escaping by running away.  Regardless of the way in which one handles the most challenging situations there is always a way to move through them even though it is hard to do.

Often, what’s required is taking a moment to become centered, rest your mind, relax your feelings and breath easily and deeply to receive the answers and solutions required to get through to the other side.

Below is a meditation specifically designed to help you cope with the most difficult of situations, no matter what they are, by Moving Through…When It’s Hard to Do.


Morning Miracle Meditation