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Physical Care Nutritional Supplements to Help Heal the Body

The physical body needs seven basic food groups.  They are: vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and vito-nutrients.  These foods, when eaten in their proper quantity, provides the nutrition required to keep your body healthy.

In particular, vito-nutrients are essential for clearing free radicles from the tissue and cells of every organ.  Oxidation or toxic build up within the body, due to these free radicles, causes aging and illness.  Free radicles are what causes eighty to ninety percent of diseases. A much higher percentage than bacteria and viruses.

These vito-nutrients are in the pigmentation of colorful fruits and vegetables known as carotenoids. Some of them are: Alpha-Carotene, Beta-Carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, and several others. The body is unable to produce them on its own making it essential to eat as many fruits and vegetable as possible.  In fact, the dietary recommendation is eight servings per day.

However, due to pollution in the air, water, and soil fruits and vegetables are unable to produce their total amount of nutrients. Now add the early picking of these foods and the full nutritional is diminished even further.  They are unripen when they get to your local market; but they appear to “continue to ripen” while there. In actuality, those fruits and veggies are dying; slowly decomposing, which significantly reduces the nutritional value your body needs.

There are other nutritional supplements as well. Another type of medicinal property for the body, is found in some waters.  Take Lourdes, France for example. There, a natural spring is considered to be a miraculous healing water.  What is miraculous is the hydrogen gas within it.

Also as an anti-oxidant, the powerful element of hydrogen gas, carried into the body with water, is a type of healing balm for everything from the reduction of inflammation, to blocking sugar from entering the intestines, to increased insulin receptors, and the expansion of telomeres for life longevity.  All of this is by the hydrogen moving into the DNA of the cells where it binds itself to free radicles, becomes H2O and is then released from the body. When hydrogenized water is placed on top of the skin it works to eliminate rashes, burns, wrinkles, and stops bleeding immediately.

There are many nutritional supplements to choose from.  Selecting the right brand can be confusing.  But here are some tips on how you can choose the right one for you:

  • Is it easy to digest?
  • Are the ingredients natural?
  • Do you have a greater sense of energy soon after taking it?
  • Do you notice significant health improvements after 90 days?
  • Or…is there a vast positive difference in the clinical data from your physical before to after taking the supplements?

There is a specific vito-nutrient brand, I recommend. I take it myself and am a real fan.  I have heard many testimonials, again and again, about how these supplements meet all of the above qualifications.

The name of the company is Naturally Plus.  The name of the two supplements are:

Super Lutein and IZUMIO Water

Below are videos of the two scientists who have studied Carotenoids / Lutein and Hydrogen Gas [in water].  Dr. Nicholson has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for his research in the field of hydrogen gas.


Interview – Dr. Frederick Khachik on Carotenoids – Super Lutein


Lecture – Dr. Garth Nicholson on Hydrogenized Water – IZUMIO

For additional information about both products and to order, you may get it here:



For questions contact Lynne Herod-DeVerges through Center of Light Miracles.