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Whatever you desire to shift, however you chose to transform yourself and your life, the Essene Transformation Meditations will help you along your personal journey to making that possible. Through this specially designed series of meditations it’s certain your desire to transform will come about easily and effortlessly as you follow them regularly.

These meditations are offered as downloadable MP3s in 5 different categories. You may purchase the meditations individually or in sets.

Spiritually Living

Peaceful Bliss ~ Allows you to completely relax and discover your bliss

Presence Now ~ Being focused in the present moment offers gifts of deep desires

Joyful Elation ~ Takes you beyond happiness into a constant place of true joyfulness

Spiritually Living

Living Your Destiny

Manifesting Wealth ~ Is being rich financially, romantically, healthfully

Prosperous Abundance ~ Opens you up to receiving lots more…..in every way, everyday

Securing Success ~ Brings the essence of you to the surface to accomplish success

Living Your Destiny

Healthy Wellness

Reducing Stress ~ Eliminates stress by calm, easy and effortless releasing breaths

Regenerating Healthy Cells ~ Creates light energy in every new cell you produce

Building Your Immune System ~ Uses energetic nutrients to strengthen this system

Healthy Wellness

Divine Relationships

Choosing A Mate ~ Brings clarity of the exact type of person you desire to pair with

Compatibility Factor ~ Magnetizes the right person directly to you

Clear Communication ~ Helps you to listen and speak easily with another person

Divine Relationships

Female Empowerment

Enhancing Fertility ~ Allows becoming and remaining fertile more easy and effortless

Easy Menopause – Can be symptom free as you flow into this change of life experience

Inner Strength – Calls from within your complete female power for expression

Female Empowerment

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Read what our student has to share…

I met Lynne 15 years ago. At that time my husband and I decided to start a family. Thoughts of motherhood and raising a child made me wonder about my unconscious “baggage” — I felt a need for clarity and a need to heal my heart in preparation for the role of mother. Meeting and working with Lynne was the answer to my prayers. She taught me the fundamentals of meditation. She taught me in such a way that I have retained the lessons and I still use the techniques she showed me, to this day. It was a deeply satisfying experience.I continued taking weekly meditation classes with her for about a year (and throughout my pregnancy). Over the years I have had several powerful and extraordinary experiences through my meditations in manifesting my genuine desires. Each time I have felt humbled by my answered prayers and deeply grateful for my connection to spirit. I understand that everyone, every human on this earth has the spark of the divine within them. Through meditation I have been able to perceive my divine connection and receive many wonderful experiences! The meditations I learned with Lynne have helped me to grow, become more accepting and at peace, it has opened the way to higher consciousness and more beauty in my life.

Life is easier with daily spiritual contact. It has made me a better mom! The meditations I was taught makes a difference in my day. Thank you, Lynne!

Colette Taber, Make-up Artist, Glendale, CA