Week of October 22, 2017…

Spiritual CareProtecting Yourself From Negative Energy

As a human being, you are a spirit being, in a physical body, with a hue or aura around you.  Everything from the center core of your body to the edge of your aura (an electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds the physical body) is considered your own personal space. Within your space exists ideas, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, sensations, vibrations, sight, sound, taste, and touch and all forms of energy that have found their way in through various means and methods.

For example: if your friend is angry about a situation and she contacts you to share with you what’s happened; when she relays her story from anger in a frustrating way, you receive the anger into your space. Perhaps you felt happy, up-beat, even excited before your friend called but now you’re feeling irritated, agitated and out-of-sorts. That shift in your attitude is a shift in energy taking place in within your space, altering the state of being you were experiencing.

Things like this happen to us every day, all day, taking us through transitional mood changes, thought processes, and full range of thoughts. Some of what’s experienced is generated from you, but most of what you feel are energies from other places and sources from outside your space that find their way in.

There is a way to keep your space protected from all of the outside, unwanted, undesired negative energies prying their way in, past the outer layer of your aura. This is what’s known as protecting your space.  When you practice this technique you will be able to more easily maintain your equilibrium by keeping out energies that aren’t yours while clearing the energies from inside, you no longer need or want.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Meditation Position
    • Sit in a straight back chair
    • Put your feet on the floor
    • Close your eyes
  • Grounding
    • Imagine you are sitting on top of a tree trunk.
    • The tree trunk goes all the way down through the floor, through the ground and all the way to the center of the Earth.
    • With the roots of the tree trunk embedded into the core of the Earth.
    • And…you are as one with the tree trunk; completely connected to it at the top.
  • Space Protection – 1st Layer
    • Imagine you are entirely surrounded by a large bubble.
    • Under your feet, over your head, on the right, on the left and all around you.
    • The bubble is your aura – know, see, feel where the edge of your aura is.
    • Notice what color the edge is.
    • And, adjust your aura to no more than 18 inches from your physical body.
    • Make sure it is the same distance all the way around.
    • Imagine, now, that your aura has a stiff, egg shell edge to it.
    • And…imagine it is a beautiful pearlescent [white] gold color vibration.
    • Your aura is currently positioned for the first layer of protecting your space.
  • Space Protection – 2nd Layer
    • On the outside of your aura about 2 feet away imagine a violet flaming wall.
    • See the flame burning from the ground up and all around your aura – 360 degrees.
    • Every few hours imagine a very bright golden sun is surrounding you completely and absorb all of it into your space and down through the grounding tree.

Check your grounding, the aura and violet flaming wall at least 3 times a day to be sure it is intact. If the flame has lowered or burned out, create a new one.  If your grounding isn’t there anymore, create the connection on top of another tree trunk. If your aura is not a brilliant pearlescent golden color that is 18 inches around your entire body, make the adjustments so that it is.  

The grounding cord keeps you connected to the Earth and solid in your awareness of space. The egg shell edge and color vibration of your aura helps keep some unwanted energy out. And the violet flame ensures nothing gets in too easily without being purified.  But, the grounding and violet flame both work to help release energy within your space that you no longer want, need or shouldn’t have.

Practice this every day.  The more you do it, the better you’ll be at it and the more you will feel like yourself, an open-hearted human being filled with love.

Below is the Audio Exercise: