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Intuitive/Clairvoyant Readings

This reading involves viewing the aura – an electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body. All information is stored there from the past, present and future, just waiting to be illuminated to your consciousness. You will become aware of your own special inner truth, while unwanted blocks are cleared away through a unique healing process that takes place during the reading.

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Group Sessions

Group Intuitive Sessions

Ask Lynne is our popular weekly group teleconference sessions, attended by participants world wide. Ask your questions and get them answered on the call. You will hear channeled angelic messages, spiritual lessons, miracle stories, a weekly affirmation, a meditation activating the affirmation to take effect and an opportunity to request healing and prayers for yourself and loved ones.

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EMC Mentoring

EMC Mentoring focuses on Shifting Energy, Adjusting Matter, and Raising Consciousness. This form of mentoring is designed to guide you through a personal yet systematic process to resolve current issues by clearing your past experiences. If you have gone or are going through any experience that has you: emotionally devastated, mentally confused, or unable to function effectively in your personal or professional life, EMC Mentoring is for you. You’ll shift into a pattern of attracting your desires once you heal the past. This is truly a process of peeling away the onion, one layer at a time.

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How do the readings work? A glimpse into the process…