Readings We Offer…

Intuitive / Clairvoyant Readings

This reading involves viewing the aura – an electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body. All information is stored there from the past, present and future, just waiting to be illuminated to your consciousness. With an Intuitive Reading some of the aspects discussed are:

  • Past lives as they relate to your life today
  • Your soul essence
  • Your life’s mission
  • Conscious and subconscious blocks keeping you from desired goals
  • Physical and emotional health issues needing to be resolved

This reading will help you become aware of your own special inner truth, while unwanted blocks are cleared away through a unique healing process that takes place during the reading.

Medium Reading

A Medium Reading is one that involves connecting with your ancestors.  This is an excellent reading to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over.  You may ask them questions, mention things unsaid, hear what they have to share with you, discover how they are doing on the other side.  And, this reading gives you an opportunity to have closure if there was none.

Connecting with those who have gone before you warms your heart, sometimes overwhelmingly with unconditional love.  But it provides peace of mind and an inner resolve that they are still with you – perhaps in a different form but nonetheless here.

Angel/Spirit Guide Reading

This particular reading provides valuable information from your angels and spirit guides. They are wonderful magnificent beings showing you the way and helping you to experience your divine purpose. By having this type of reading you will discover clearly what your direction is and how you are to proceed.

Each reading involves the immediate release [healing] of negative energies.

All Readings are conducted by phone [Pacific Time] or in person.  After receiving your payment an email will be sent to schedule the best day and time for your reading.


Hear what our clients have to say…

Richard Courtney, Executive Producer, Los Angeles, CA

I still remember the first time I sat down and talked with Lynne for a reading. I was amazed at her ability and her gift. You know the truth when you hear it and Lynne speaks the truth all the time. If you are willing to do the work you’ll be such a better person for it. It’s inspiring to know I have someone to call who can help me become a stronger, spiritually sound and happier person.”

Lady Dion Bevel, Fashion Designer, Los Angeles, CA