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Do you get frustrated with your job, relationships, financial situation, or spiritual development?

Do any of these scenarios seem familiar to you?

  • It can be disappointing and even depressing when you’re fighting multiple issues in your life.
  • Sometimes it seems like your brilliant ideas go unnoticed until your boss is promoted for taking credit for them.
  • Trying to get your point of view across to someone who wants to control you can be unreasonably stressful.
  • When the bills continue to pile up as the income starts to shrink you may feel like giving up under the intense pressure.
  • You may still feel disconnected from your passion and purpose in spite of all your meditation and introspection.
  • It’s often hard to know if you are on your right path.

No matter the challenges, there are answers that can help solve your problems and get relief.

Come to...
A Global Group Teleconference with Clairvoyant, Medium,
Energy Healer and International Trainer
Lynne Herod-DeVerges

You are Invited to Join Her Live The First Monday of Every Month!

During The 1 Hour Live Call You Will Receive…

  • Answers about personal matters that are answered clairvoyantly
  • Answers of a general nature you’re curious about
  • A brief spiritual lesson
  • A new affirmation for the month
  • A guided meditation activation for the affirmation to come alive within you
  • Significant discounts on ½ hour and 1 hour reading and mentoring sessions

Lynne is a magical blend of being intuitive, a spiritual healer, and teacher. She is patient, intelligent, and kind as she gently leads you into deeply knowing your real self and your true potential which helps you find your place in this world. Lynne is truly blessed with an amazing natural gift of insight and healing. She has helped me during a time of sickness and great loss. She is a very special and very blessed lady.

Therese Finazzo, Bio-Research Project Specialist, St. Paul, MO

Ask-Lynne Group Session Sample
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“From Failure to Success”

Discover what happens during a session. Listen to a sample of an actual call, here.

How the Calls Work:
  1. Every month a short powerful spiritual / life lesson is shared.
  2. Most of the hour is dedicated to answering your questions.
  3. Every month an affirmation is given, followed by a ten minute activation meditation.
  4. All calls are recorded.
  5. You have access to the replays 24/7 for the month.

Questions may also be directly emailed to Lynne where she will answer them on the upcoming call. However, if the question is one that requires a major in-depth answer or if the answer is very personal Lynne will answer it via email or suggest a private session.

When Are the Calls?

Calls are scheduled…

The First Monday of the Month
7:00pm – 8:00pm (Pacific Time)

Receive an email reminder the Sunday before with… * the dial in number * the access code * the weekly focus

ONLY $10 a Month for:
  1. 1 Live call monthly
  2. Access to the Recordings of all calls
  3. Your chance to ask Lynne your questions
  4. Unlimited discounted private sessions with Lynne
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Cheryl Walker, Artist and Teacher, Venice, CA


You have two options: you can sign up for a full year; or
if you’re not ready to sign up for a full year yet,
you may sign up by the month.
$110 USD for 1 Year
$10 USD/Month

Once your payment is processed you will receive:
a welcome email with the dial in number and access code for the next call.

Use the PayPal buttons to choose:



More about Lynne Herod-DeVerges

Lynne Herod-DeVerges is a clairvoyant/medium, spiritual healer, teacher and life path mentor in the metaphysical arena. She began her dedicated life of service 30 years ago, after attending seminary school, when she became an Ordained Essene Minister and Master.

She is the founder of Center of Light Miracles where everyone is welcome to journey through self-awareness workshops, empowerment programs, and a spiritual mentoring process.

Lynne, as a psychic reader, provides her services through Ask-Lynne. If there’s a quick question you need an answer to and words of inspiration or motivation, is offered to benefit you. Overall, Lynne’s expertise elevates you into the reality of your higher, better self to live joyously and lovingly.