It was a bright sunny day and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  All I knew was that I had signed up for a journey, The Grandfather Journey, influenced by an indigenous Peruvian medicine called San Pedro.  San Pedro is a cactus that is ground into a fine powder.  It is received in a tall glass of naturally pure, mountain spring water, stored, of course, in a glass bottle.

A group of us sat in a circle receiving instructions and guidelines provided by our lovely host. The two facilitators of the medicine began to prepare the medicine/water mixture. It was fresh and ready for ingestion when placed immediately into our hands. One-by-one we drank San Pedro straight down, and…might I say, it tasted like a combination of all types of greens, spirulina, and musk [if you could eat musk] combined together. The only way to take it was straight down, as quickly as possible, chased by a singular purple grape to halt the unsavory bitter taste.

After taking the medicine, the facilitator requested we each state our name, what we were grateful for, and what our personal intention was for the medicine journey. Everyone but four of us had been on a journey before. They all spoke so sincerely with deep spiritual conviction. I was impressed. When it was my turn to speak, the medicine had already begun to work. I said something obvious like I was grateful for being there and grateful to the people who were taking care of us along our journey. My intention, not being fully formed, was unclear in my mind. With my body absorbing more and more of Grandfather, I squeaked out, “My intention is to experience whatever I am going to experience based on whatever it is I needed to know.” My intellectual mind was thinking how unclear and dumb that I was, as everyone else had very specific intentions or a purpose to focus on.

Being as open as I was to experience whatever came up, I went on a journey that completely shifted my consciousness and way of being. It was the most incredible experience I have ever been on.  Here’s what happened…

Soon after taking the Grandfather medicine, I was unable to move. I felt myself sinking deeper into the chair, as I slid my legs out in front of me, put my head back and rested it on the tree branch (the chair was up against a beautiful shade tree), with my eyes closed. I wasn’t sure if I was high or just falling into a deep sleep while my stomach felt like, if I could throw up I would. Yet, my mind kept saying, “Relax, let yourself settle. You haven’t eaten, there is nothing to throw up.  Allow yourself to absorb as much of the concoction as possible so you can have the total experience of a full dose of medicine.” [Side note: most people take a quarter to a half of the medicine the first time, but I decided I would do a full dose.]

As my body felt like it was going into rigor mortis and that I was simply going to take a little nap, the journey began. I started to see the faces of people I knew and then the faces of strangers and then the faces of different cultures from places I had never been before. The faces changed so rapidly I could hardly keep up with the metamorphosis of one face to another. They went from faces to full bodies in dress attire appropriate to their country, culture, religion, era, century…and it continued until I found myself literally going inside my own body through a massive sea of cells, atoms, molecules and then pure light. It felt like a roller coaster ride but I still couldn’t move a muscle. My body had become one with the chair. I understood the synchronicity between me and the chair becoming one; there was no separation.  And then, I traveled through a brief light until I went into darkness.

I seemingly woke up or at least had a consciousness of what was happening around me in the garden I sat in. My eyes opened and I saw others curled in the fetal position on the ground and one woman, off in the distance, was relieving herself of stomach contents in the flower bed.  I wanted to get up but couldn’t.  I had a blanket on me but didn’t know who put it there. After a few minutes, I managed to gather enough gumption to try to move toward the bathroom; but I was so physically and energetically altered I was aware it might be a task too big to tackle, yet I had to try. Once I emptied my bladder, I stumbled into the room where I was going to spend the night. All I wanted to do was lie on a nice soft bed where I could stretch out and fully relax [as if I wasn’t relaxed before].  I didn’t know it at that time but I had been in that chair for at least three n’ half hours.

From there things became very bizarre. I was on another planet where I was welcomed by energetic beings, let’s call them extra-terrestrials. They gave me telepathic messages. Some that were quite personal and others that expressed why fear is not real, judgement does not exist, except in the minds of humans who choose to be in a construct of hell as a way of self-punishment. They shared the reality that all forms of energy are perfect, as they have meaning and purpose to the creators – us!  Human Beings! We create the energy forms. We are responsible how the energy is expressed and how we experience it. They showed me how, because energy is always moving, constantly in motion unceasingly any thought or idea, no matter how slight, completely restructures the form of energy to be exactly the way a human thinks of it. They showed me, right before my eyes, that a simple idea reconstituted creates a very different construct from how the original energy first appearing in one way shifts into another way, immediately!!

Having witnessed that energy mutation, I heard, “There is no such thing as blame. Blame toward other people, toward an experience or thing was not real. Because, it is the actual thought or idea from the individual that causes changes or transforms energy completely, creating and causing the experience. Therefore, no one else, nothing else is to blame. And, because a person truly knows that truth, s/he moves into shame around their actions, thoughts, emotions and sensations of an experience not consciously chosen but self-created.”

After that wonderful lesson experience, I went into another black hole where I seemed to dwell for hours. I was conscious in the hole but not afraid. Then I heard the voice again saying, “During your brief encounter in darkness, this time, you were dead or at least, this is what some souls believe after they die; therefore, this is where they land.” Although it was completely void of light, I still experienced something in the nothingness. I don’t know what it was but I knew I wasn’t alone, I was safe, all was okay and that it was a temporary place. Before I knew it I came out of the black hole. I had a few lost souls with me. I was told, “You needed to go there to retrieve those souls and bring them to where we are – here!”, which appeared to be another planetary galaxy construct. I was told, it was a place that was the next step of a souls learning journey.  “Earth is one of those places but when finished, after the opportunity to have many incarnations, this location was the next school.”  It was indeed, like going from elementary school to middle school.

I suddenly came back to consciousness. That’s when our host asked me if I’d like a hot bath. It sounded heavenly; “Yes!” I said. The bath was a deep tub outdoors, surrounded with trees and a make shift curtain that was drawn across the area for privacy. I striped down and stepped into a tub of very, very hot Epsom Salt water. It was the most soothing thing I had felt in a long time.

It was only a matter of minutes before I went back into my journey. I went to a few other galaxies, where I witnessed many things and heard many things, but I was traveling so quickly I was unable to intelligibly retain anything much.  Then I stopped, at what was in fact, the presence of Divine Source. I was unable to see the face of the Supreme Being but I saw It’s feet.  With a booming and different voice than before, I was told, “I Am the creator of all things, of all beings, of all galaxies.  Energy and the Universal Laws governing energy and matter that humans live by in your galaxy were created for your use to be like The Creator Itself.  What you have come to know as energy is simply a tool for your benefit, to experience the opportunity of being “God-Like”, not God!  But, like Divine Source itself.” “In this way”, It told me, “Humans beings fully create their circumstances. If one believes in punishment he has an opportunity to experience hell. If one believes in reward he has an opportunity to be in heaven. Whatever the consciousness is, as far as how one feels, thinks, believes, is, behaves, and so forth that is the full extent of the experience s/he will have.”

I am not sure how long I was in the bath but just as suddenly as I was able to go out of my body into a journey, I came back. I carefully stepped out of the tub and wandered back into my room where I laid on the bed, only to immediately slip into a continuation of the same journey.

Again, I heard the voice, “Every soul determines and decides to be on Earth for as many times as desired. It is not because “I Am” ordains it be so. It is because you, spirit, chose it for yourself and you continue to choose what you decide to give and receive from the experiences.”  That is when I went into the darkness again. I have no memory of what happened during that dark phase. I was unaware and unconscious to what was happening inside or outside of me; but I know I encountered some experiences that will be part of my conscious awareness, when I am ready.

It wasn’t long before I started resurfacing very slowly, back into the room. The smell of sweet potato is what did it.  I thought I’d go into the kitchen for a bite to eat but it was at my bedside waiting for me to gobble it up.  At the end of that leg of the journey I found out several hours had gone by and that the sweet potato had been bed side for a couple of hours.

I ate a little, and wandered into the kitchen where I heard voices and the clanging of dishes. Hot vegetable soup was on the stove; just what my body needed. I interacted with a few people, ate with them, shared messages, and did healing work; but I was still significantly under the influence of Grandfather.  All I wanted to do was just be.

As people left the kitchen area, I was unable to follow. I could not move. My head laid down on the table and again whooooosh… I was off on another journey. That time I received different messages for each person in attendance that day which included the host and staff. I came back into the room, to my body where I remained conscious, in this realm, for quite a while.  By bedtime, though, I took my final San Pedro journey for the day. I was lead into various dimensions to retrieve more souls that had crossed over from this world into the next who had gotten lost along the way.  I went into several places, guiding people where they were to go. In the end, after a seventeen-hour journey, I was given permission to go to sleep!

Ultimately, what I learned from my journey was to, simply, “BE”. Be in the moment. Be present. Be one with all there is because there is no separation. Be as you are. Be aware and Be conscious. Be the Divine Spiritual Being you were created to Be; nothing more, nothing less. In our Being we are only to express energy in the form we decide it should take, as it moves through us. We are not the energy in every way it forms, even though we are one with the essence of it.  We are quite plainly, the heart of Divine Source. This is why we are so deeply loved!